HOTEL GUARDANAPOLI - Via Pietre Chiatte 81020 Cervino CE - Telefono: 0823 955004


Hotel Guardanapoli is located in the city of Benevento for forty kilometers all on the SS Appia, an ancient artery that, already in Roman times, was the capital of the empire with Brindisi and that in these areas was the theater of the epic clash of Caudine Forces between Romanes and Sannites.

First called Maleventum, then Beneventum and finally Benevento, was a Sannitic city, Roman, Lombard and then Pontifical. Benevento boasts a remarkable historical-artistic heritage and an interesting archaeological heritage. Since 2011, the church of Santa Sofia, built in 760 by Duke Longobardo Arechi II, has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site within the Longobard serial site in Italy: the places of power.